iForce Pleads Guilty to Selling Designer Steroids as Supplements

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Tribravus Enterprises (doing business as iForce) pleaded guilty to “manufacturing and distributing steroid-tainted supplements” according to the Associated Press. The company was required to pay a $125,000 as part of a plea agreement. This is very good news for the iForce and supplement companies facing similar charges. The criminal investigations could have resulted in felony charges against the principals. In this case, the owners and principals of the company avoided felony charges and imprisonment. This is probably the best case scenario for supplement companies in this predicament.

The FDA executed a search warrant for iForce during the course of the 2009 IFBB Olympia Expo. The search warrant was executed immediately after the FDA raid of Bodybuilding.com where iForce Nutrition products allegedly contained anabolic steroids, unapproved new drugs, and/or misbranded drugs: 1,4 AD Bold 200 (androstenedione), 17a PheraFLEX (Madol), Dymethazine (Superdrol) and Methadrol (Superdrol).

The FDA raid of Bodybuilding.com uncovered several misbranded products from various supplement manufacturers. The federal government had previously launched criminal investigations of Bodybuilding.com, Genetic Edge Technologies (GET), Kilo Sports (KS), and Innovative Delivery Systems (IDS). The current status of these investigations is unknown. However, should any charges results, there are good indications that they will be resolved with fines.

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