Bouncers on Steroids Are the Greatest Threat to Public Safety

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Bouncers who use anabolic steroids represent the greatest threat to public safety according to a leading doctor in Gold Coast, Australia. I’m not sure what is most surprising: the fact that a “leading doctor” believes that bouncers on steroids are society’s biggest social problem or the fact that a “journalist” saw it as her to duty to write a news story that perpetuates hysteria about steroid side effects.

At any rate, the president of the Gold Coast Medical Association is making a full-on attack on the “roid-rage induced violence” that has been reeking havoc on the surfer’s paradise in Australia (“Steroid-hyped bouncers a Coast threat,” February 2).

His claims come amid concerns that illegal anabolic steroids, often bought from overseas websites and peddled in gyms, are contributing to roid-rage induced violence on the Gold Coast, as first reported by the Bulletin two weeks ago. […]

Gold Coast Medical Association president Dr Peter McLaren said bouncers who took anabolic steroids were less likely to be able to defuse a volatile situation due to side-effects of the drugs.

“A bouncer on steroids is not the best person to be a doorman. Instead of defusing an aggressive situation, they tend to mark it up a notch,” he said.

“If the guy who is supposed to be stopping fights is using (steroids to increase muscle), that’s perhaps the biggest social problem.”

According to experts quoted in the article, the use of steroids is a major problem in the security industry prompting legislation in Queensland mandating steroid testing among personnel.

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