Steroids Capture Headline in Gun and Domestic Violence Case

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A Greenlander was arrested by police in New Hampshire on nine steroid-related felony charges. Things went from bad to worse for “Cullen M” after he was arrested for assaulting a woman in the summer of 2010. As a result, he was prohibited from possessing firearms. Police went to his house to confiscate his weapons and discover several vials of anabolic steroids that included testosterone , trenbolone and nandrolone . While the Greenland citizen has a history of violence, it is the possession of steroid that could land him in big trouble. It’s not the violence that gained the headlines or the attention of the district attorney, it is the steroids (“Greenland man faces 9 felonies alleging possession of steroids“, February 3).

Young’s affidavit states Mutrie was barred from possessing firearms after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman and police had information that Mutrie had “a few” guns in his bedroom, one in his vehicle, one in his living room and usually carried one on his person. When police went to his home last July, they were looking for a gun in the coffee table and found a scale and a plastic bag filled with vials of substances, according to the affidavit.

It took almost six months for the New Hampshire police to analyze the seized vials, but the results confirmed the vials contained the anabolic steroids Trenbolone acetate aka “Finaplix”, testosterone cypionate aka “test cyp” and nandrolone decanoate aka “Deca”.

It is not the Greenlander’s first brush with the law. He previusly plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct resulting from a 2007 altercation. It is unclear if any charges resulted from his 2010 domestic violence arrest.

The fact that the 6-foot-3, 275lb man, with a history of violence, was found in possession of anabolic steroids unfortunately reinforces the negative stereotypes that are popularly associated with steroid users. The obvious steroid side effect that comes to mind for most people would be “roid rage”. Cases such as these given credence to the tenuous association between anabolic steroids and “roid rage”.

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