Father Defends Deceased Son Against Steroid Use Accusations

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The father of an volunteer strength coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes felt compelled to defend his son against accusations of anabolic steroid use as the cause of death. Jake Nickle, referred to as Coach Jake by several players, lost consciousness during a pickup game of basketball and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Nickle was a volunteer staffer for the Ohio State football strength and conditioning staff.

Lawrence Nickles read reports that his son’s death was steroid-related and felt it necessary to refute such unsubstantiated allegations in order to protect the memory of his son.

Lawrence said he’s worried about how reports that claimed steroids played a role in Jake’s death Friday might affect his son’s memory.

“I’ve been hearing all kinds of things,” Lawrence told The Lantern on Sunday. “It tarnishes his reputation, and he’s been clean all along.

“I don’t want it to be made any more than it is.”

It is unfortunate that anabolic steroids are increasingly blamed for unexplained tragedies such as the death of a young man and even things such as bad driving.

The results of Jake Nickles’ autopsy are expected in approximately six weeks.

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