Norfolk Police Officer Arrested for Manufacturing and Selling Steroids

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The use of anabolic steroids by cops has been a prominent topic in the national news lately. Recent criminal and internal affairs investigations have examined the use of steroids by law enforcement in various States including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, TexasCalifornia and Oregon. However, some criminal cases have exposed a greater deal of corruption in which cops are actually manufacturing and/or distributing anabolic steroids.

Norfolk Police Officer Kristen Wayne Harris was arrested in Virginia Beach and charged with ten felony counts of manufacturing and/or selling anabolic steroids  and one count of selling or distributing marijuana. Harris also faces misdemeanor charges related to selling drug paraphernalia and unlawfully procuring prescription drugs.

Harris has been employed by the Norfolk Police Department for over a decade. He officially resigned from the Norfolk Police Department shortly after his arrest.

The arrest of Harris is allegedly part of a larger and ongoing criminal investigation into the distribution of anabolic steroids.

The Virginia cop-steroid-distribution investigation is the second case in recent months in which a veteran law enforcement officer has been implicated in the manufacture and distribution of anabolic steroids.

In April 2010, a major anabolic steroid distribution ring involving at least 15 individuals and three law enforcement officers was dismantled in Pennsylvania. The purported ringleader was identified as Philadelphia police Detective Keith Gidelson who allegedly distributed anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (hGH) to fellow Philadelphia police officers, internet customers, and steroid dealers at local gyms and supplement stores.

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