Charlie Sheen Thinks “F*cking Steroid Maniacs” Should Play in Major League Baseball

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Charlie Sheen thinks the use of anabolic steroids should be allowed in Major League Baseball – at least on a limited basis. Sheen tells Sports Illustrated that every MLB baseball team should be allowed one “total f*cking steroid maniac”. He argues that the banning of performance-enhancing drugs should follow the same model as the banning of the spitball in baseball in 1919-1920.

The spitball ban followed two stage. The first stage allowed each team to designate a maximum of two pitchers who would be permitted to use the spitball. The second stage banned the spitball league-wide but had a grandfather clause that allowed existing spitballers to continue to use the special baseball pitch until they retired.

I’m a purist so I don’t mind a pitcher’s duel. I’ll get into that. But a lot of people go to the park to see a ball hit 600 feet. You can’t do that without a little help. I think they should do it like how they handled the spitball in the 1920s — every team could have one spitballer. You should be able to have one guy on your team that’s a total f—ing- steroid maniac. Just to make it even.

Imagine if the same model was applied to PED use in MLB? Each team allowed a maximum of two “f*cking steroid maniac” one year and subsequently grandfathering all existing steroid users the next year making it legal for them to use steroids until the retired!

Charlie Sheen

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