Steroid Side Effects


How to Evaluate Steroid Side Effects

Scare tactics have been largely ineffective in steroid education. Such campaigns bombard steroid users with messages about purported steroid side effects. Sometimes steroid side effects are exaggerated or overstated and often too much time is spent focusing on unlikely and rare steroid side effects that may never affect most steroid users. Most steroid educational campaigns fail to take into account the following questions: [Read more…]


Vermont Cocaine Dealer Blames Steroids for His Actions

The attorney for the largest drug kingpin in Vermont history blames anabolic steroids for his client’s actions. Michael Olsen pleaded guilty to seven counts involving cocaine distribution, money laundering, and illegally obtaining telephone records. Olsen faces life in prison after distributing over 50 kilograms of cocaine and laundering proceeds through Rizzo Brothers auto detailing business in South Burlington, Vermont. [Read more…]


Barry Bonds Testicles and His Mistress’ Nude Playboy Pictorial

Barry Bonds has denied intentionally using anabolic steroids when he played baseball. The federal government wants to prove he is lying about his steroid use and they are using millions of dollars of American taxpayer money to prove it.

Their star witness may very well be Kimberley Bell, the former mistress of Barry Bonds. Bonds attorneys feel that if Bell is allowed to talk about their client’s head size, testicular size, and his temper, then it is only fair to allow jurors to see her nude Playboy pictorial. Bell appeared in the November 2007 issue of Playboy.

The government doesn’t like this and wants Playboy barred from the courtroom. [Read more…]


Sports Writers Won’t Let Coach Washburn Forget His Steroid Past

James Washburn, a football defensive line coach, was recently hired by the Philadelphia Eagles. Coach Washburn is currently one of the National Football League’s most respected coaches at that position. However, sports writers are determined to never allow Washburn to forget that he was involved in one of the largest steroid scandals in college football history — over twenty years ago. [Read more…]


Texas Rangers and Taylor Hooton Foundation Team Up to Fight Steroid Abuse

The non-profit Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation announced a new partnership between the Texas Rangers and the Taylor Hooton Foundation for Fighting Steroid Abuse to educate high school students about the side effects of anabolic steroids. [Read more…]


Play Asterisk Free Anti-Steroid Campaign Hits Twitter and Facebook

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and Ad Council have decided to reinvigorate the neglected “Don’t Be An Asterisk” anti-steroid campaign by creating a new gateway page for the website and changing its name to the “Play Asterisk Free” anti-steroid campaign.

The new website for “Play Asterisk Free” leads to the original “Don’t Be An Asterisk” website which has remained unchanged after 30 months but also encourages visitors to visit the new Facebook page where they can “pledge” to “play asterisk free”. Their press release also announces the creation of a new “Play Asterisk Free” Twitter page in an effort to take advantage of popular social media to spread their message. [Read more…]


Australian Defence Force Launch Steroid “Scare Campaign”

The Australian Defence Force has launched a “scare campaign” discouraging the use of anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs among military personnel according to the Sydney Morning Herald. This is response to the perception of a steroid abuse problem among troops in Afghanistan after seven special forces soldiers  were caught using and/or in possession of anabolic steroids.

According to the steroid pamphlets published by the Australian Defence Force Mental Health Strategy (ADFMHS), the ADF has a zero tolerance policy on the use of anabolic steroids. [Read more…]


Bouncers on Steroids Are the Greatest Threat to Public Safety

Bouncers who use anabolic steroids represent the greatest threat to public safety according to a leading doctor in Gold Coast, Australia. I’m not sure what is most surprising: the fact that a “leading doctor” believes that bouncers on steroids are society’s biggest social problem or the fact that a “journalist” saw it as her to duty to write a news story that perpetuates hysteria about steroid side effects.

At any rate, the president of the Gold Coast Medical Association is making a full-on attack on the “roid-rage induced violence” that has been reeking havoc on the surfer’s paradise in Australia [Read more…]


Steroids Capture Headline in Gun and Domestic Violence Case

A Greenlander was arrested by police in New Hampshire on nine steroid-related felony charges. Things went from bad to worse for “Cullen M” after he was arrested for assaulting a woman in the summer of 2010. As a result, he was prohibited from possessing firearms. Police went to his house to confiscate his weapons and discover several vials of anabolic steroids that included testosterone , trenbolone and nandrolone . While the Greenland citizen has a history of violence, it is the possession of steroid that could land him in big trouble. It’s not the violence that gained the headlines or the attention of the district attorney, it is the steroids [Read more…]


Mike Piazza Used Steroids Based on Back Acne According to Sportswriter

Murray Chass continues to assert that “back acne” is conclusive proof of anabolic steroid use in Mike Piazza – and Barry Bonds. Chass noticed acne on Piazza’s back several years ago and has been convinced that Piazza was a steroid user ever since.  While acne on the shoulders and back is often a side effects experienced by steroid users, most people who experience this problem do not use steroids; many steroid users, depending on the selection of steroids and individual susceptibility, don’t experience this side effect. Consequently, acne is a very poor method of determining whether an individual uses anabolic steroids due to the high number of false positive and false negatives. [Read more…]