Barry Bonds Trial: Secret Recording Mysteriously Found by Government Witness

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The government has mysteriously produced an 8-year old secret recording allegedly between Dr. Arthur Ting and Bob Hoskins during the Barry Bonds perjury trial. The government told the court that their witness Steve Hoskins just found the recording on Sunday. Ting, the orthopedic surgeon for Barry Bonds, repeatedly contradicted and undermined the testimony of Bob Hoskins when he was called by the government last week. Hoskins had testified that he had about fifty conversations regarding steroids with Dr. Ting. Ting denied these conversations ever occurred and acknowledged only one steroid discussion with Hoskins that did not even directly involve Barry Bonds.

The contradictory testimony between Hoskins and Ting caught the government by surprise making it clear that one of the two government witnesses wasn’t being truthful. The general consensus was that Ting clearly won the credibility battle as Barry Bonds lawyers decimated the government’s case. Even the top government prosecutor, Jeff Nedrow, admitted to Judge Susan Illston that the credibility of Bob Hoskins was “impeached heavily” by Ting’s testimony.

Hoskins, obviously motivated by a desire to salvage his credibility, apparently found the recording after it had gone missing for several years. The tape is a 15-minute recording of a conversation between Hoskins and Dr. Ting that occurred at Ting’s Freemont medical office. The government, desperately hoping for damage control, wants to introduce the tape into evidence at the eleventh hour.

The recording could prove to be pivotal in the outcome of the trial if it corroborates the testimony of Hoskins. A recording that proves Ting had a conversation about steroids and Barry Bonds with Hoskins could corroborate Hoskins testimony and undo the severe damage inflicted upon the government’s case last week.

Its admissibility is not guaranteed as Bonds lawyers boldly predict that it will never be admitted into evidence. Judge Illston also expressed serious doubts about its admissibility because it was large inaudible.

Illston is expected to rule on its admissibility on Tuesday as the drama continues in the Barry Bonds perjury trial. Bonds is considered the government’s ultimate target in the steroids in baseball – BALCO  investigation.

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