Steroids in Sports


Congress Wants to Protect the Children with Hearings on Growth Hormone Testing

Congressional leaders continue to grandstand on the issue of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in sports. The same Congressmen who led the charge in the Congressional hearings on steroids in Major League Baseball (MLB) have now turned their attention to the National Football League (NFL). [Read more…]


Australian Olympic Champion Ian Thorpe Celebrates Downfall of Lance Armstrong

Ian Thorpe, one of the greatest Australian swimmers in the history of the sport, admitted that he was “happy” about the dramatic downfall of eight-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. Thorpe made the comments regarding the “Lance-gate” doping scandal at the Doha GOALS (Gathering of all Leaders in Sport) sporting forum on December 12, 2012. [Read more…]


Mark McGwire Thinks Steroids Made Him a Better Person

Mark McGwire previously admitted using anabolic steroids a few years ago. The admission was widely considered a precondition for his return to baseball as a batting coach. During a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Radio Show, McGwire acknowledged that the decision to use steroids as a mistake. But at the same time, McGwire believed steroids made him a better person. [Read more…]


Alistair Overeem’s Opponents Think He is a Long-Time Steroid User

Alistair “The Demolition Man” Overeem, a heavyweight mixed martial artist from the Netherlands, will finish serving his steroid-related suspension later this month. He is set to return to the MMA octagon at UFC 156 where he is scheduled to fight Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. However, Overeem’s opponents don’t seem to think Overeem learned his lesson from the steroid suspension.

Several heavyweight MMA fighters are convinced Overeem will continue to use steroids. Furthermore, they believe he had used anabolic steroids long before he tested positive during a fight against Brock Lesnar on December 30, 2011 at UFC 141. [Read more…]


Shotputter Adam Nelson May Receive Athens Gold After Winner Tested Positive for Steroids

Adam Nelson, a retired American shotputter, may be the winner of an Olympic gold medal – over eight years after the conclusion of the event. Nelson placed second in the shotput at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. However, the International Olympic Committee recently disqualified the original winner after the re-analysis of a stored urine sample this year detected the presence of anabolic steroids. [Read more…]


Cyclist Tammy Thomas Finds Hope in Religion and the Fitness Industry After Steroid Conviction

A former professional cyclist who was convicted of lying about her use of banned anabolic steroids has asked a judge to end the last 11-months of a five-year probation. Tammy Thomas was convicted of federal charges of perjury and obstruction of justice as part of the BALCO steroid scandal. She was sentenced to five years of probation. She has repented and reportedly turned her life around with the help of God and a job as a personal trainer. [Read more…]


Polish Boxer Mariusz Wach Tested Positive for Anabolic Steroids

Polish boxer Mariusz Wach has tested positive for anabolic steroids according to the German newspaper tabloid Bild. The steroid positive resulted from a pre-fight anti-doping test administered before Wach’s bout with Ukrainian heavyweight boxing world champion Vladimir Klitschko on November 10, 2012. [Read more…]


Boxer Juan Manuel Marquez and His Strength Coach Deny Steroid Accusations

Juan Manuel Marquez and his strength and conditioning coach have responded to allegations of anabolic steroid use made by an upcoming opponent. Freddie Roach, the legendary boxing trainer for Manny Pacquiao, attributed Marquez dramatic physique transformation to the use of steroids. Roach was so convinced that Marquez is a steroid user that he promised to “kiss his ass” if he was proven wrong. [Read more…]


Alex Rodriguez Injury Blamed on Steroids

The issue of anabolic steroids came up shortly after the New York Yankees announced that third baseman Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez was having surgery to repair an injured hip. Some sports writers were compelled to search for a link between steroids and the type of injury sustained by Rodriguez. Even in the absence of any link, a couple of newspapers ran sensationalistic stories blaming the injury on steroids. [Read more…]


Steroids Blamed for Jovan Belcher Murder-Suicide

Larry Fine, a sports reporter for Reuters, recently acknowledged that the reasons behind the Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher murder-suicide may never be known. But he felt free to speculate about three possible causes. The include anabolic steroids, the jock culture of violence against women and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (a degenerative brain condition caused by repeated concussions). [Read more…]