WWE Wrestler “Sin Cara” Tests Positive for Anabolic Steroids

Professional wrestler Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under the name “Sin Cara”, received a thirty day suspension after violating the WWE Talent Wellness Policy in June 2010. Urive was the first recruit by Paul “Triple H” Levesque as the head of the new talent development department.

Urive had only been with the WWE for a few months before he tested positive for anabolic steroids. Urive previously worked for several years in Mexico’s “lucha libre” under the name “Mistico” where he gained considerable fame and popularity working for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). [Read more…]


Hulk Hogan: Train, Say Your Prayers and Take Steroids

Terry Bollea, also known as Hulk Hogan, reflects on the hypocrisy surrounding his use of anabolic steroids in his second autobiography – “Hulk Hogan: My Life Outside the Ring”. Bollea used steroids for decades beginning in 1975 according to his first autobiography – “Hollywood Hulk Hogan” – published in 2002. Hulk Hogan hid his steroid use from his fans even going as far as publicly denying using steroids on the late-night Arsenio Hall Show in 1991. However, the truth about his steroid use was made public during the the Vince McMahon steroid trial in 2004. Bollea was subpoenaed to testify against his employer and admitted, under the penalty of perjury, to using anabolic steroids. [Read more…]


Steroids Not Responsible for Early Deaths of Wrestlers According to Road Warrior Animal

The Road Warriors were among the first to introduce bodybuilding-type muscularity to professional wrestling. The wrestling tag team was comprised of Hawk (Mike Hegstrand) and Animal (Joe Laurinaitis). Hegstrand died in 2003 of an apparent heart attack at age 46. The popular media explanation for the numerous early deaths of professional wrestlers usually focuses on their use of anabolic steroids. Steroids have been blamed as the culprit in Hegstand’s death as well.

Joe “Animal” Laurinaitis acknowledged the use of anabolic steroids by the Road Warriors but strongly denied that steroids were the cause of Hegstrand’s death. [Read more…]