Belgium Police Create “Hormones Unit” to Handle Huge Steroid Problem

The Belgium Police have compiled a 35-page report detailing the rapid increase in the use of anabolic steroids in the country. The Police have responded by creating a special “Hormones Unit” to cope with the increased supply and demand of anabolic steroids.  [Read more…]


The Doping Philosophy of Cyclist Christophe Bassons

Cyclist Christophe Bassons has never used banned performance-enhancing drugs. This isn’t an unusual proclamation from a pro cyclist in a sport where cyclists continually deny using PEDs in spite of the evidence against them. However, Bassons is different in that many people actually believe him.

Some people may find his decision to avoid PEDs as admirable and even “courageous”. However, Bassons refuses to claim any sort of moral superiority because of his choice. He does not condemn cyclists such as Floyd Landis who have admitted using drugs such as testosterone and erythropoietin in their quest to win the Tour de France. [Read more…]


USPS Pro Cycling Team and Defrauding the Government

The government is seeking to build a case against cyclist Lance Armstrong and/or his teammates for defrauding the U.S. government should they be found guilty of violating anti-doping rules.

Sponsors of the United States Postal Service cycling team included a “morals turpitude and drug clause” in contracts that called for severe penalties for cyclists who violated certain rules. Since the U.S. Postal Service is a government agency, anyone who defrauded the government by using anabolic steroids, erythropoeitin (EPO), or other banned substances or methods such as blood doping, could face serious criminal penalties. [Read more…]


Cyclist Commits Suicide Amidst Steroid / Doping Investigation

Alberto Leon, a former mountain bike racer, was found dead in his home outside of Madrid in what appeared to be a suicide.  Leon was one of several people implicated in Operación Galgo (Greyhound). Operación Galgo is the codename for a Spanish doping investigation that uncovered large quantities of anabolic steroids, stored blood bags and medical equipment used for transfusions during raids across the Iberian peninsula last year by La Guardia Civil. [Read more…]