Former NBA Basketball Player Busted with Eight Bottles of Steroids

Former National Basketball Association (NBA) player Samaki Walker was found in possession of eight vials of injectable anabolic steroids when police officers pulled him over during a traffic stop in Kingman, Arizona. As Department of Public Safety officers approached his 2002 Mercedes-Benz, Walker was trying to eat marijuana in order to conceal it from authorities.  [Read more…]


Derrick Rose and the Huge Steroid Problem in Basketball

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose allegedly told ESPN the Magazine that the use of performance-enhancing drugs, which includes drugs such as anabolic steroids, was a “huge” problem in the National Basketball Association. Most people don’t think that steroid use is a significant problem in the NBA. Only two NBA players have tested positive for anabolic steroids – Memphis Grizzlies’ O.J. Mayo and Orlando Magic Rashard Lewis – and one of those players only tested positive for dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). [Read more…]


Steroids Invade the NBA – Actually It’s Only DHEA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) suspended the Memphis Grizzlies’ O.J. Mayo for violating the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program after he tested positive for DHEA. Mayo’s first violation of the league’s SPED policy (steroids, performance-enhancing drugs and masking agents) automatically results in a 10-game suspension. The suspension corresponds to a forfeiture of $405,109 of his salary.

Sportswriters are mistakenly reporting that O.J. Mayo is the second basketball player in the NBA to test positive for DHEA. Orlando Magic Rashard Lewis did not test positive for DHEA. He tested positive for anabolic steroid use after failing the testosterone:epitestosterone ratio (T:E ratio) test which is suggestive of exogenous testosterone use. Lewis blamed the positive steroid test on his inadvertent use of DHEA in a smoothie he purchased. [Read more…]