Canadian Football Player Suggests Media Misrepresented Facts in Steroid Case

Jordan Matechuk publicly apologized to the Canadian Football League, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats franchise and his friends and family a few days after pleading guilty to the possession of anabolic steroids and marijuana.  Matechuk was arrested after customs officials busted him  in possession of 543 steroid tablets and 263 milliliters of injectable steroids. His attorney advised him to avoid answering questions while his legal case was still pending. Matechuk, hoping to rehabilitate his image, nonetheless decided to answer a few questions in an interview with the Associated Press. [Read more…]


Overreaction to Steroid Scandal Destroys College Football Dreams

Two former University of Waterloo football players who transferred to another college in order to fulfill their dreams of playing college football were denied eligibility. The former Warrior football players had to seek another college football program after the Waterloo Warrior program was shut down for a year after a steroid investigation.  The harsh sentence for the football team has been criticized for punishing innocent players who were not involved in doping. The overreaction to the steroid scandal will unfortunately keep players Matt Vonk and Steve Ples from playing football next year. [Read more…]


Operation Jellybean Steroid Prosecutions Run Into Problems in Canada

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Drug Section arrested numerous individuals suspected of involvement in anabolic steroid and other drug trafficking in a 2005-2007 joint forces investigation codenamed Operation Jellybean. The steroid bust was one of the largest in Canadian history and disrupted hundreds of thousands of dollars in anabolic steroids sales throughout New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and even Ontario. [Read more…]