Ongoing Steroid Investigation Into Albuquerque Police Officers

The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) held a surprise news conference to announce the arrest of an officer on charges of theft and receiving stolen property valued between $500 and $2,500 . However, a local news station uncovered what may be an even bigger, far-reaching scandal involving anabolic steroid use in the department. [Read more…]


Police Officer Used Status as Cop to Smuggle Steroids Into Canada

Geoff Purdie, a constable with the Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS), has pleaded guilty to smuggling anabolic steroids from the United States into Canada. The estimated street value of the drugs involved was reported to be $580,000. Purdie entered the guilty plea before U.S. District Judge Richard Arcara in Buffalo, New York. Purdie avoided the more serious charge of “conspriacy to export controlled substances with the intent to distribute.” Still, the steroid smuggling offense carries a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment. [Read more…]


Former Philadelphia Cop Who Distributed Sciroxx Brand Steroids Pleads Guilty

Former Philadelphia Police Detective Keith Gidelson has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids and human growth hormone. Gidelson imported and sold various types of performance-enhancing drugs including various steroids marketed under the Sciroxx brand label. The former cop was identified as the ringleader of a major anabolic steroid distribution ring based in the Philadelphia. [Read more…]


Niagra Police Officer on Steroids Accused of Police Brutality

Several Fort Erie residents have recently claimed to have been victimized by “roid rage” perpetrated by Niagara Regional Police Constable Geoff Purdie. The individuals have come forward after recent evidence suggested that Purdie was a user of anabolic steroids. [Read more…]


Canadian Police Officer Busted for Importing Steroids into the United States

A Canadian police officer was busted for importing anabolic steroids and other drugs into the United States. Niagra Regional Police Constable Geoff Purdie was charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances. [Read more…]


Suicidal Cop on Steroids Invites Police to Shoot Out

A veteran New Jersey officer with the Clifton Police Department exchanged gunfire with SWAT teams after he barricaded himself inside his estranged wife’s home on Father’s Day. Richard Klementovich was eventually taken into custody after a ten-hour standoff. The Clifton cop had told his wife in an email that he was using anabolic steroids, was suicidal and had hoped that cops would kill him during the standoff. His death wish was “suicide by cop”. [Read more…]


Bodybuilding Cop Busted for Steroids After Apartment Manager Contacts Police

A patrol officer with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department has been accused of operating a possible anabolic steroid laboratory in his apartment. Gary Pilipovich faces charges of possession of Schedule III controlled substances, manufacturing of a controlled substance and possession of hypodermic needles based on the discovery of steroid paraphernalia during the execution of a search warrant of his apartment by the Porter County Drug Task Force on Friday, June 8, 2012. [Read more…]


Broward County Sheriff Deputy Avoids Jail After Busted with Winstrol

A Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO) correctional deputy who was caught buying one hundred tablets of the anabolic steroid stanozolol has been sentenced to twelve months probation. David Agosto pleaded no contest to charges of possession of anabolic steroids. Stanozolol is more commonly known among bodybuilders and athletes by its trade name Winstrol. [Read more…]


Was Steroid Testing Used as a Political Tool in Hackensack Police Department?

The use of anabolic steroid testing as a political tool in the Hackensack Police Department became a point of contention during the insurance fraud trial of Charles “Ken” Zisa. Zisa, the former Democratic New Jersey General Assemblyman and suspended Hackensack Police Chief, has been accused of abusing his power by engaging in a pattern of official misconduct, witness tampering and insurance fraud. [Read more…]


Competitive Powerlifter Suspended for Dianabol by Police Department

An eight-year veteran police officer with the Clinton Township Police Department (Michigan) was charged with possession of anabolic steroids without a valid prescription. The illegal steroid was identified as methandrostenolone. The drug is more commonly referred to as Dianabol or D-bol. Patrolman Christopher Weaver was suspended from the police force during the course of a two-month internal affairs investigation into his alleged steroid use. [Read more…]