Police Officer Used Status as Cop to Smuggle Steroids Into Canada

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Geoff Purdie, a constable with the Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS), has pleaded guilty to smuggling anabolic steroids from the United States into Canada. The estimated street value of the drugs involved was reported to be $580,000. Purdie entered the guilty plea before U.S. District Judge Richard Arcara in Buffalo, New York. Purdie avoided the more serious charge of “conspriacy to export controlled substances with the intent to distribute.” Still, the steroid smuggling offense carries a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.

Purdie was accused of setting up a private mail box (PMB) in Niagara Falls which he used to receive international shipments of anabolic steroids and other drugs. The United States Department of Homeland Security Border Enforcement Security Task Force recorded numerous trips by Purdie to retrieve shipments of steroids, human growth hormone (hGH) as well as Xanax and Valium. He smuggled these drugs back to Canada across the Niagara Falls – Fort Erie border.

Purdie reportedly used has status as a law enforcement officer to facilitate the smuggling of steroids into Canada according to James Spero, the special agent for Homeland Security Investigations in Buffalo.

“The defendant used his position to smuggle illegal contraband into Canada for his own financial gain,” said Spero. “Citizens of the United States and Canada need to know that they can count on law enforcement to do the jobs they entrust us to do each day. The defendant breached that trust and will be held accountable.”

Paul Di Simoni, president and CEO of the Niagara Region Police Association, attempted to minimize the significance of Purdie’s steroid-related conviction.

“[Purdie]has taken the first opportunity to step up and take responsibility for his role in this,” said Di Simoni. “It should be something that ought not to be lost in all this; he certainly hasn’t delayed the process, he wants to move on.”

Di Simoni told the Niagara Falls Review that Purdie remains on the NRPS force even after his steroid conviction. He can only be terminated by a special hearing as specified by the Police Services Act or by resignation.

Purdie is scheduled to be sentenced on February 28, 2013 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York. He faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and/or a maximum fine of $500,000.


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