Hormone Replacement Therapy


Max Life Doctor Pleads Guilty to Prescribing Steroids for Anti-Aging Clinic Clients

A Nebraska medical doctor pleaded guilty to prescribing anabolic steroids (primarily testosterone) to clients of the Max Life anti-aging clinic. Dr. Raymond Heller admitted working with co-conspirator Edward Franklin Ward, the owner of Max Life.

Dr. Heller was paid $50 for each prescription he signed for Ward. Dr. Heller never had any direct contact with any Max Life client nor did he conduct any physical examinations. The prescriptions were primarily filled by a compounding pharmacy in Florida. [Read more…]


Powermedica Defendants Sentenced to Prison

The principals owners and operators of Powermedica have been sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy and distribution charges related to the sale of anabolic steroids and human growth hormone. The defendants admitted to selling anabolic steroids and human growth hormone for bodybuilding, performance enhancement and anti-aging purposes.

Daniel L. Dailey, the former Chief Executive Officer of Powermedica, was sentenced to 46 months imprisonment while his father William L. Dailey (former President and Chief Operating Officer) was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

The “doctors” responsible for signing the steroid and HGH prescriptions were also sentenced.  James D’Amico, a former licensed dentist, and Manuel Sanguily, a license medical doctor, were sentenced to 51 months and 30 months, respectively.. [Read more…]


OriTex Oral Testosterone from Clarus Therapeutics

Clarus Therapeutics, a seven-year old company that is bleeding cash with practically no product revenue, is trying their luck at a new oral testosterone medication. The company is pinning its hopes on OriTex. OriTex is a new oral testosterone replacement treatment. Most individuals requiring testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) would prefer the ease and convenience of a pill over the messy testosterone gels or irritating testosterone patches or fear-provoking testosterone injections. Oral testosterone products have historically been beset with several problems. Methyltestosterone, one of the first attempts at an orally-active testosterone product, was beset with liver toxicity problems with long-term use. Even recent attempts, such as Andriol, have produced less-than-stellar therapeutic results for a high percentage of patients. [Read more…]


Former PowerMedica Clients: Government May Tell Your Boss That You’re On Steroids

If the government finds out that you’re using anabolic steroids, it might tell your boss. This may have happened with some former clients of PowerMedica, a now-defunct hormone replacment clinic according to the South Florida Times. The newspaper obtained internal documents from the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) revealing that investigators carefully scrutinized the client list seized from PowerMedica during a steroid raid in 2005 in an effort to identify who the customers were and where they worked. [Read more…]


Prescribe Steroids and HGH with Your Very Own Anti-Aging Clinic

Anti-aging and hormone replacement therapy are a big and thriving business in the medical profession. The prescribing of anabolic steroids such as testosterone for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and human growth hormone has seen continued popularity as physicians seek more profitable treatment areas that are in high demand.

Now you can start your very own anti-aging clinic that prescribes testosterone, human growth hormone and anti-estrogens. [Read more…]


Orange County Choppers Founder Labeled Steroid User by Albany Newspaper

Paul Teutul, the founder of the Orange County Choppers and star of the reality television series, “American Chopper,” is the latest celebrity to have his private prescription records exposed by Senior Writer Brendan Lyons of the Albany Times-Union newspaper. The Times-Union has a history of doing this in the name of “investigative journalism”.

The Albany Times-Union has previously released the names of affluent and successful professional athletes and entertainers who may have used steroids according to private prescription records that the Albany County District Attorney’s Office seized from Signature Pharmacy in Florida. This information conveniently and repeatedly made it into the hands of Lyons of the Albany Times-Union. [Read more…]


Ill-Informed Legislation to Address Steroid Use by New Jersey Cops

New Jersey legislators have introduced new bills to address the use of anabolic steroids by New Jersey law enforcement personnel. The proposed legislation is an ineffective, ill-informed knee-jerk response to an investigative series by the Newark Star-Ledger exposing the high-number of cops obtaining prescriptions for anabolic steroids. The newspaper questioned the validity of such prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy and the legitimacy of the doctor(s) issuing them. [Read more…]