Steroids in Sports


TenisVal Academy Ends Relationship with Doctor Linked to Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal

When Lance Armstrong was on top of the world dominating the sport of cycling for seven Tour de France victories, many people profited immensely from his success. The sport of cycling itself, his sponsors, his teammates and his doctors. But once society decided to knock Armstrong off the pedestal they were so eager to build for him, almost everyone linked to Armstrong seemed to experience a dramatic reversal of fortune. [Read more…]


Mark McGwire Overcomes Steroid Past with New Job as Los Angeles Dodgers Hitting Coach

Mark McGwire has agreed to be the new hitting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers next season after spending two seasons coaching with the Saint Louis Cardinals organization. The question of his steroid use still comes up even though it’s been over a decade since he dabbled with steroids as a Major League Baseball player. But it seems that McGwire has overcome the steroid stigma – at least when it comes to continued employment within the sport baseball. [Read more…]


2009 NPC Mr. Ohio Sentenced to Sixty Days in Jail for Steroids

The winner of the 2009 NPC Mr. Ohio Bodybuilding Championships was sentenced to sixty days in jail after being convicted of multiple anabolic steroid distribution charges. Super-heavyweight champion Drew “Big Country” Smith was caught up in the aftermath of the “Operation Bulk-Up” steroid investigation. Smith was one of thirteen people who were sentenced to jail (or prison) for steroid-related crimes. He was the last of the defendants to be sentenced in “Operation Bulk-Up”. [Read more…]


New Zealand Bodybuilder Caught Importing Steroids While Already Facing Steroid Charges

Competitive bodybuilder Phil Musson was caught trying to import anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) into New Zealand last month. The steroid bust would have been bad enough on its own. However, the bodybuilder was already facing 291 counts of possession and distribution of performance- and image-enhancing drugs (PEIDs) from earlier in the year. [Read more…]


United States Postal Service Cyclist Describes Being Offered Steroids Prior to Lance Armstrong’s Arrival

Scott Mercier was a professional cyclist for the United States Postal Service team prior to the arrival of future, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. Mercier claims there was a culture of doping that was already firmly in place at U.S. Postal. His claim significantly weakens attempts by anti-doping organizations to use Armstrong as a scapegoat for the doping problem in pro cycling. [Read more…]


Oakland Athletics Re-Sign Bartolo Colon After Steroid Positive

The Oakland Athletics re-signed pitcher Bartolo Colon to a one year contract worth $3-6 million. Colon failed the steroid test for testosterone in August 2012. He was suspended for fifty games under the rules of Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment steroid testing program. [Read more…]


Tennis Stars Cave in to Hysteria and Jump on Steroid Testing Bandwagon

The anti-steroid hysteria has spread from professional cycling to the sport of tennis. Several pro tennis players have jumped on the bandwagon. They have called for increased anti-doping testing in the sport. The world’s top three tennis players joined the chorus of anti-doping advocates in the sport. Number one ranked Novak Djokovic, number two ranked Roger Federer and number-three ranked Andy Murray all expressed their support of more steroid testing. [Read more…]


Stephan “The American Psycho” Bonnar Tested Positive for Masteron Steroid Metabolites

Stephan “The American Psycho” Bonnar tested positive for the anabolic steroid drostanolone in an anti-doping urinalysis administered after a fight on October 13, 2012. Drostanolone propionate is an esterified version of drostanolone found in the popular steroid known as Masteron. Bonnar accepted the steroid positive and acknowledged using a banned substance according to a statement released by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). [Read more…]


Did Everyone Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs on Lance Armstrong’s Team?

The United States Anti-Doping Agency’s (USADA) report on the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) by Lance Armstrong and the United States Postal Service professional cycling team gave the impression that everyone on the team used PEDs. The report compiled evidence and rider testimony that implicated Armstrong and his teammates in the systematic use of PEDs such as erythropoietin (EPO), anabolic steroids (testosterone) and human growth hormone (hGH). [Read more…]


Tennis Star Andy Murray Says Steroids Not as Big a Problem in Tennis as Other Sports

Tennis superstar Andy Murray has been sensitive to the criticism his sport has received incidental to the cycling doping scandals. He readily admits that tennis could do more about doping to ensure that tennis is completely clean of steroids and related performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). But he really doesn’t think that the use of drugs such as anabolic steroids is a problem in tennis. [Read more…]