Girlfriend and Mother Go to Jail After Hiding Steroids for Inmate

An inmate at a Connecticut state prison called his girlfriend and asked her to dispose of an illegal anabolic steroid stash hidden in his apartment in Manchester (Connecticut). Unbeknownst to Paul Dipietro, his conversation with his girlfriend was recorded by prison officials. They alerted the East Central Narcotics Task Force in Manchester of the plan. While steroid possession is illegal, tampering with evidence is also illegal. [Read more…]


Operation Jellybean Steroid Prosecutions Run Into Problems in Canada

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Drug Section arrested numerous individuals suspected of involvement in anabolic steroid and other drug trafficking in a 2005-2007 joint forces investigation codenamed Operation Jellybean. The steroid bust was one of the largest in Canadian history and disrupted hundreds of thousands of dollars in anabolic steroids sales throughout New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and even Ontario. [Read more…]