Charlie Sheen Thinks “F*cking Steroid Maniacs” Should Play in Major League Baseball

Charlie Sheen thinks the use of anabolic steroids should be allowed in Major League Baseball – at least on a limited basis. Sheen tells Sports Illustrated that every MLB baseball team should be allowed one “total f*cking steroid maniac”. He argues that the banning of performance-enhancing drugs should follow the same model as the banning of the spitball in baseball in 1919-1920. [Read more…]


Charlie Sheen Has Tiger Blood Steroids in His Veins?

Charlie Sheen, the star of Two and a Half Men, has been all over the airwaves lately appearing on the Today Show, 20/20, Good Morning America, Piers Morgan Tonight, Howard Stern and TMZ within a matter of days. He has provided entertainment that the public has eagerly consumed filled with amusing and nonsensical quotes.  The quote about having “tiger blood” has been one of the more memorable. [Read more…]