Spain Operación Dama Shuts Down International Doping Ring

The Spanish National Police have announced the bust of ““the largest international organization operating in Spain” responsible for trafficking anabolic steroids, growth hormone and doping substances in Europe in an investigation codenamed Operación Dama (or Operation Lady in English). The codename alludes to the famous pre-Roman Iberian sculpture named the Lady of Elche.

The international doping ring was reportedly led by British expatriates residing in the Spanish beach communities of Denia and Marbella. The arrests of the British expats preceded several additional arrests around the country including the manager of a masters cycling team as well as six individuals in Elche, Spain. Search warrants in Elche ultimately led to a secret laboratory in the attic of a house. [Read more…]


Overreaction to Steroid Scandal Destroys College Football Dreams

Two former University of Waterloo football players who transferred to another college in order to fulfill their dreams of playing college football were denied eligibility. The former Warrior football players had to seek another college football program after the Waterloo Warrior program was shut down for a year after a steroid investigation.  The harsh sentence for the football team has been criticized for punishing innocent players who were not involved in doping. The overreaction to the steroid scandal will unfortunately keep players Matt Vonk and Steve Ples from playing football next year. [Read more…]