Canadian Task Force Promotes Snitching as Solution to Steroids in Sports

A Canadian task force has come out with several recommendations aimed at reducing the use of performance-enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids in college football. The task force was created in response to the steroid scandal at the University of Waterloo. The scandal resulted in the largest steroid investigation in the history of Canadian college football by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES).

The task force apparently is intent on promoting a culture of snitching in order to combat the culture of doping in college sports. One of the top recommendations involves the establishment of a “snitch line” that players and coaches can call anonymously and rat out players who may be using steroids. [Read more…]


Overreaction to Steroid Scandal Destroys College Football Dreams

Two former University of Waterloo football players who transferred to another college in order to fulfill their dreams of playing college football were denied eligibility. The former Warrior football players had to seek another college football program after the Waterloo Warrior program was shut down for a year after a steroid investigation.  The harsh sentence for the football team has been criticized for punishing innocent players who were not involved in doping. The overreaction to the steroid scandal will unfortunately keep players Matt Vonk and Steve Ples from playing football next year. [Read more…]