Hockey Player Accused of Not Using Steroids

“Sports writers” are now accusing athletes of NOT using anabolic steroids when their performance(s) decline. John Steigerwald writes in the Oberserver-Reporter that lack of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs is the reason for a decline in output by a professional hockey player. [Read more…]


NHL Player’s Lawsuit Leads to Revelations of Steroid Use

British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Austin Cullen ruled that professional hockey player Garrett Burnett failed to prove the essential elements of negligence in his lawsuit against Cheers Nightclub. The former National Hockey League player suffered a traumatic brain injury when an unidentified patron brutally assaulted Burnett by hitting him with a barstool as he was being ejected from the club in the early morning hours of December 26, 2006.  Lawyers for Cheers Nightclub argued that Burnett’s use of steroids was to blame for his victimization. [Read more…]


“No Steroids Whatsoever” in National Hockey League According to Jeremy Roenick

United States Hockey Hall of Famer Jeremy Roenick asserted that the use of anabolic steroids was currently non-existent in the National Hockey League (NFL).  Roenick’s definitive statement regarding steroids in hockey was made in response to the steroid allegations made by Georges Laraque in his recently published autobiography entitled “The Story of the NHL’s Unlikeliest Tough Guy”. Roenick made the surprising comments on steroids in an interview with Rob Pizzo on the Backhand Shelf Podcast. [Read more…]


Steroid Use in Hockey Discussed in Georges Laraque Autobiography

Georges Laraque wanted to share his life story in a recently published autobiography entitled “The Story of the NHL’s Unlikeliest Tough Guy” but his comments about anabolic steroids in the National Hockey League (NHL) are getting all of the attention. The retired Canadian professional hockey forward made a few references to steroid use and the Canadian press was quick to publish those quotes while ignoring the rest of the book. [Read more…]