Lance Armstrong’s Response to the “60 Minutes” Steroid Allegations

The CBS television news program “60 Minutes” recently reported the results of their extensive investigation into doping allegations surrounding cyclist Lance Armstrong. The most damaging information came from former teammates of the seven-time Tour de France champion. CBS interviewed Tyler Hamilton who claimed he used anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) with Armstrong; CBS also reported that George Hincapie told a federal grand jury that he discussed using steroids with Armstrong.

The response by Lance Armstrong has been swift and aggressive as he took several steps to manage damage control. Amstrong posted a retort on Twitter pointing out that he has never failed a doping test in 20 years; he created a website called “Facts 4 Lance” to respond to various allegations; he hired the same successful legal team used by Major League Baseball to uncover the federal government violation of athletes’ constitutional rights during their steroid investigations; and he demanded a formal, on-air apology from CBS for their “shoddy”, “reckless” and “unprofessional” journalism. [Read more…]


New York Daily News Stops Government from Making Big Mistake in Barry Bonds Trial

Teri Thompson of the New York Daily News reported late yesterday that a government witness scheduled to testify in the Barry Bonds perjury trial had previously called the government’s star witness a liar.  Former BALCO vice president Jim Valente called government agent Jeff Novitzky a liar in a sworn affidavit made in November 2004. If Valente testified, it would open the door for Bonds’ lawyers to undermine the credibility of Novitzky. The government, in a last minute move this morning, removed Valente from the witness list suggesting that government prosecutors had failed to account for this possibility. Thompson apparently saved the government from making a major blunder in their court case. [Read more…]