Steroid Use by Rugby Players at Coca-Cola Craven Week

The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport reported that 8.5% of 17 and 18 year-old rugby players tested positive for anabolic steroid use at the Coca-Cola Craven Week rugby tournament in Kimberley in July.

Khalid Galant, the CEO for the Institute for Drug-Free Sport, announced that only 47% of rugby players were subjected to anti-doping tests. Galant reported analytical positives for 4 athletes out of this limited sample of participants. [Read more…]


“Massive Abuse” of Steroids by High School Rugby Players in South Africa

The president of the South Africa Sports Medicine Association claims there is “massive abuse” of anabolic steroids among high school rugby players. Dr Jon Patricios said that he consults with at least a dozen parents every month about steroid issues involving their children. He sees a lot of competitive pressure among high school athletes to succeed in the sport. [Read more…]