Top Government Witness in Tony Galea Case Denies Tiger Woods Received Steroids

The attorney for the top government witness in the Anthony Galea case categorically denied that Tiger Woods received anabolic steroids or any other performance-enhancing drug from Dr. Anthony Galea. Tiger Woods was one of many top professional athletes who sought the services of the Canadian doctor. The media has repeatedly linked Tiger Woods with Anthony Galea often implying that Woods must have been the recipient of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). [Read more…]


Anthony Galea HGH Smuggling Case Turns into Celebrity Athlete Witch-Hunt

Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, a sports medicine pioneer who has treated professional athletes from a variety of sports, has pleaded guilty to illegally smuggling performance-enhancing drugs into the United States and providing them to athletes from the National Football League and the Professional Golfer’s Association. Galea admitted to routinely smuggling human growth hormone (hGH) and Actovegin across Peace Bridge at the United States – Canadian border. One of the most famous athletes treated by Dr. Galea was golfer Tiger Woods.  [Read more…]