Hormone Replacement Therapy


Former Pittsburgh Steeler Doctor Indicted on Steroid Distribution Charges

Dr. Richard Rydze, a former doctor for the Pittsburgh Steelers professional football team, was indicted on 185 counts involving the illegal distribution of anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and oxycodone in addition to healthcare fraud and obstruction of justice. [Read more…]


Doctor Allowed Chiropactor to Prescribe Steroids With His Prescription Pad

A Florida medical doctor faces up to 35 years in prison and $1.75 million in fines after allowing a colleague to write prescriptions for anabolic steroids on his behalf for almost four years. Dr. Steven Pearlstein pleaded guilty to the illegal distribution of steroids and human growth hormone (hGH). In his plea agreement, Pearlstein admitted to giving the owner and operator of an anti-aging and longevity clinic access to his prescription pad.

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Big Pharma Goes Crazy Marketing Anabolic Steroids to the American Public

Major pharmaceutical companies love the “war on steroids” in sports almost as much as they love the laws permitting direct-to-consumer advertising. The steroids in baseball scandal involving Barry Bonds and BALCO gave drug firms like Abott Laboratories plenty of opportunity to advertise their flagship testosterone gel to millions of American men. [Read more…]


Lifetime Wellness Owner Pleads Guilty to Distributing Anabolic Steroids

The owner of Lifetime Wellness LLC, an anti-aging clinic in Missouri, has pleaded guilty to participating in a conspiracy that distributed approximately 1.3 million dosage units of anabolic steroids. The retail value of the steroids and human growth hormone (hGH) sold between June 2008 and March 2010 was estimated to be approximately $1,368,519 . [Read more…]


Nebraska Doctor Avoids Jail for Writing Steroid Prescriptions

Nebraska doctor Raymond Heller has avoided prison for his role in the criminal case involving the illegal distribution of anabolic steroids by the Max Life anti-aging clinic. Heller pleaded guilty to prescribing the testosterone outside the usual course of professional medical practice. United States District Judge Claire Eagan sentenced Heller to five years of probation with the first eight months under house arrest and 100 hours of community service. [Read more…]


“Extreme Makeover” Doctor Fined for Prescribing Steroids and hGH

A cosmetic surgeon who was a regular participant in the Australian version of the reality television series “Extreme Makeover” was fined $15,000 for illegally prescribing anabolic steroids (testosterone) and human growth hormone (hGH). The New South Wales Medical Tribunal found Dr. Michael Zacharia guilty of professional misconduct when he promoted the controversial anti-aging treatment involving the performance-enhancing drugs. [Read more…]


Jersey City Police Department Discriminates Against Officers on TRT

Police officers who are on medically-prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be selectively targeted for steroid testing according to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. The appellate court dismissed the lawsuit brought by Jersey City Police officers Nicholas Kramer, Brian McGovern and Patrick Fay against Police Chief Thomas Comey and the Jersey City Police Department. [Read more…]


Barry Bonds Case Leads to Increased Steroid Use by Middle-Aged Baseball Fans

The Barry Bonds steroids case has coincided with an unprecedented explosion in the use of anabolic steroids by middle-age baseball fans. While Barry Bonds’ use of transdermal testosterone has been demonized in sports, the use of transdermal testosterone has been celebrated in mainstream society with the popularization of AndroGel and related testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) products. [Read more…]


Super Granny Banned for Anabolic Steroid Use

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has banned 68-year old grandmother Kathy Jager for two years. The popular masters track star tested positive to for anabolic steroids during a doping control at the 2011 USA National Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Berea, Ohio on July 28, 2011. She will not be eligible to compete again until she reaches 70 years of age. [Read more…]


Steroids Still Available from Some Florida Anti-Aging Clinics

The demand for testosterone replacement therapy continues unabated as patients flock to Florida anti-aging and longevity clinics. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the “Low T” television, newspaper and internet campaign (funded by Abbott Laboratories) has successfully convinced men to seek testing for low testosterone levels. [Read more…]