Steroids and Corruption in Dominican Republic Baseball Factories

The Dominican Republic is an incredible baseball powerhouse with a solid talent base from which Major League Baseball (MLB) has been eager to tap. Almost a quarter of MLB players are from Latin America and the overwhelming majority of those hail from the Dominican Republic. This type of demand makes the Dominican baseball community particularly susceptible to exploitation by scouts, trainers and buscones who seek to profit by developing baseball talent. Steroid abuse, age falsification and bonus kickbacks have long been problems in the Dominican Republic. [Read more…]


Steroid McCarthyism Keeps Jeff Bagwell Out of the Hall of Fame

Former Houston Astros Jeff Bagwell was denied entrance to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame as “steroid McCarthyism” reared its ugly head. Bagwell’s statistics are worthy of the Hall of Fame but, unfortunately, Bagwell’s career has been tainted by the “steroid issue.” [Read more…]