Steroid Use in Hockey Discussed in Georges Laraque Autobiography

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Georges Laraque wanted to share his life story in a recently published autobiography entitled “The Story of the NHL’s Unlikeliest Tough Guy” but his comments about anabolic steroids in the National Hockey League (NHL) are getting all of the attention. The retired Canadian professional hockey forward made a few references to steroid use and the Canadian press was quick to publish those quotes while ignoring the rest of the book.

Laraque has been referred to as the Jose Canseco of hockey due to the publication of his book in which he alleges that steroid use was relatively common in the NHL.

“Some people are stupid enough to say that I’m the new Canseco of hockey,” Laraque said in a telephone interview with the Toronto Star. “First of all, I’ve never taken steroids. Second of all, I never threw out any names. There’s no comparison at all.”

Laraque did not mention any names in his book and has given no indication that he will identify any of the steroid users referenced. He did reveal that non-enforcers and grunts were just as likely to use steroids as enforcers and star players in the NHL according to Laraque.

Laraque also provided some hints on how to identify users of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). The use of statistics can help distinguish steroid users from non-steroid users.

First, any hockey player than gains 40 to 70 pounds shortly after arriving in the pro league must be using steroids and/or PEDs.

Secondly, any hockey players that exhibits efficiency loss and a weight loss that corresponds to the Winter Olympics ever four years is likely a steroid user. Since the Olympics adopt the much stricter anti-doping rules set forth by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), hockey players simply discontinue PED use around the Olympics to avoid any possibility of testing positive for steroids.

Laraque’s book was intended as an inspirational story about how a child persevered to become a successful athletes while enduring racial taunts and verbal abuse growing up. Unfortunately, the sports media only wants to hear the steroid story.

If Laraque were an American, he might be subpoenaed to testify before a Congressional hearing called to investigate steroids in hockey. Laraque still has to endure the barrage of media questions hoping to convince Laraque to identify famous steroid users in the NHL.

Georges Laraque

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