Doctor Allowed Chiropactor to Prescribe Steroids With His Prescription Pad

A Florida medical doctor faces up to 35 years in prison and $1.75 million in fines after allowing a colleague to write prescriptions for anabolic steroids on his behalf for almost four years. Dr. Steven Pearlstein pleaded guilty to the illegal distribution of steroids and human growth hormone (hGH). In his plea agreement, Pearlstein admitted to giving the owner and operator of an anti-aging and longevity clinic access to his prescription pad.

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Surveillance Cameras at UPS Store Used to Bust Suspected Steroid Dealer

A Georgia man was arrested after law enforcement used surveillance camera footage to confirm he was responsible for shipping a package containing human growth hormone (hGH). The Henry Country Sheriff’s Office arrested Jonathan Hom for shipping twenty vials of hGH at the local UPS Store in Jacksonville (Georgia). [Read more…]


Medical Report on Steroid Side Effects Ordered by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mother-in-Law

Arnold Scharzenegger claimed that his late mother-in-law once commissioned a report documenting the effects of anabolic steroids on fertility. Eunice Shriver, the mother of Maria Shriver, was so concerned about her daughter not being pregnant after almost three years of marriage to the champion bodybuilder, that she presented her daughter with a “scientific briefing” on the side effects of steroids with particular emphasis on the effect on fertility. The revelations were made in Scharzenegger’s soon-to-be released autobiography according to the New York Daily News. [Read more…]


Steroid Scandal at Austin Peay State University Football Program?

An Austin Peay State University (APSU) football player was busted selling anabolic steroids to an undercover cop only four days before his team’s home opener against the University of Tennesse Martin. Cody Tucker, the starting senior fullback for APSU, was suspended indefinitely for violating an unspecified team policy after sports administrators learned of his arrest on September 18, 2012. [Read more…]


Bodybuilding and Steroids Led Client to Sell Party Drugs According to Attorney

Chetan Viraj Jethwa, the former team leader of leisure facilities for the Hamilton City Council, allowed his pursuit of bodybuilding to lead him into the world of anabolic steroids. Jethwa moved from using steroids to selling steroids and ultimately to selling recreational drugs according to Crown prosecutors in New Zealand. [Read more…]


L.A. Fitness Employee Busted for Brokering Steroid Deal

Steroid dealers aren’t the only ones who get busted. Individuals who just want to help out fellow bodybuilders by hooking them up with steroid sources can also get in serious legal trouble. An employee at the L.A Fitness gym in Deerfield Beach found out the hard way. [Read more…]


Niagra Police Officer on Steroids Accused of Police Brutality

Several Fort Erie residents have recently claimed to have been victimized by “roid rage” perpetrated by Niagara Regional Police Constable Geoff Purdie. The individuals have come forward after recent evidence suggested that Purdie was a user of anabolic steroids. [Read more…]


Don’t Commit Multiple Crimes While Carrying a Bag Full of Anabolic Steroids

If you feel compelled to carry a big bag full of anabolic steroids around with you, it is probably best that you walk the straight and narrow and avoid committing other crimes. You might as well wear a sign around your neck that says: “Attention law enforcement I have anabolic steroids in my possession!” [Read more…]


Officer Provides Confidential Police Intel in Exchange for Anabolic Steroids

A police officer in Australia pleaded guilty to “making a collusive agreement” after he supplied confidential police information in exchange for anabolic steroids. The recipient of the “intel” was a competitive bodybuilder and the director of a local gym. [Read more…]


Details of Lexx Labs Steroid Bust Emerge

The remailers for Lexx Labs helped federal investigators build a case against the New York-based underground steroid laboratory according to the Omaha World-Herald newspaper. Christopher Bowers, Ryan Bowers, Bernard Venditte and Jeanine Rowe were each charged with conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids and possession with intent to distribute anabolic steroids. Their cooperation led to the arrest and indictment of Nicholas Cangiano, the owner of Lexx Labs, on May 21, 2012. [Read more…]