Steroid Arrests


Man Tells Cop About Heroin But Keeps Quiet About Steroids in Car

Two men were arrested after a traffic stop ended in the discovery of oral and injectable anabolic steroids hidden in the car. The steroids were discovered after one of the men admitted having heroin in his possession. After disclosing the presence of heroin, the men curiously maintained their silence with regards to the steroids in their possession. [Read more…]


Attention Steroid Dealers: If a Customer Wants to Buy Steroids in a Donut Shop, Of Course It’s a Cop!

What happens when a sports nutrition store employee doesn’t think the store has supplements strong enough for certain customers? Now that most of the steroidal substances sold as dietary supplements are becoming more aggressively regulated, what is the supplement store employee to do? In the case of George Touma, the clerk thought he would offer them something a little stronger and a lot less legal than the dietary supplements sold by his employer. [Read more…]


2009 NPC Mr. Ohio Sentenced to Sixty Days in Jail for Steroids

The winner of the 2009 NPC Mr. Ohio Bodybuilding Championships was sentenced to sixty days in jail after being convicted of multiple anabolic steroid distribution charges. Super-heavyweight champion Drew “Big Country” Smith was caught up in the aftermath of the “Operation Bulk-Up” steroid investigation. Smith was one of thirteen people who were sentenced to jail (or prison) for steroid-related crimes. He was the last of the defendants to be sentenced in “Operation Bulk-Up”. [Read more…]


Woman Gives Partner’s Steroids to Police During Domestic Dispute Investigation

A Texas man may be facing anabolic steroid possession and/or distribution charges after his partner turned over several vials of injectable steroids to law enforcement officers during a domestic disturbance investigation. [Read more…]


Police Officer Used Status as Cop to Smuggle Steroids Into Canada

Geoff Purdie, a constable with the Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS), has pleaded guilty to smuggling anabolic steroids from the United States into Canada. The estimated street value of the drugs involved was reported to be $580,000. Purdie entered the guilty plea before U.S. District Judge Richard Arcara in Buffalo, New York. Purdie avoided the more serious charge of “conspriacy to export controlled substances with the intent to distribute.” Still, the steroid smuggling offense carries a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment. [Read more…]


‘Sovereign Citizens’ Group Member Arrested in Possession of Anabolic Steroids

Athletes aren’t the only ones that use anabolic steroids. In fact, the overwhelming majority of steroid users in the United States are otherwise law-abiding, gainfully-employed citizens who use steroids to improve their physical appearance. But anti-steroid crusaders love it when someone outside this demographic makes it easier for them to demonize steroids. Imagine their happiness when someone linked to a terrorist organization was busted with steroids. [Read more…]


Former Philadelphia Cop Who Distributed Sciroxx Brand Steroids Pleads Guilty

Former Philadelphia Police Detective Keith Gidelson has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids and human growth hormone. Gidelson imported and sold various types of performance-enhancing drugs including various steroids marketed under the Sciroxx brand label. The former cop was identified as the ringleader of a major anabolic steroid distribution ring based in the Philadelphia. [Read more…]


Operation Pangea V Seizes Steroid Pharmacy Website Domains

Interpol and the World Customs Organisation have spearheaded an international effort to shut down internet websites suspected of illegally selling anabolic steroids, erectile dysfunctions medications and diet pills. The crackdown occurred between September 25th and October 2, 2012. [Read more…]

04 Ringleader Goes to Jail for Selling Steroids

Nicholas Boys was busted for selling anabolic steroids to customers around the world via websites that included, and Bodybuilders Eric Rudanec and Mark Rossen helped Boys in the illicit steroid operation. Boys, Rudanec and Rossen all pleaded guilty to “conspiracy to supply class C drugs and prescription only drugs.” In addition, Boys pleaded guilty to “admitted producing anabolic steroids and unauthorised use of a trademark.” Boys was sentenced to a fifteen-month jail term while Rudanec and Rossen were given a six-month suspended sentence. [Read more…]


Small-Time Steroid Dealer Gets Three Years in Prison

An Oklahoma man who claimed to have manufactured anabolic steroids only for his own personal use and that of his friends was sentenced to 37 months in prison. John Isaac Hudelson pleaded guilty to two charges related to the importation and the manufacture of anabolic steroids in June 2012. United States District Judge Claire Eagan granted Hudelson a downward departure from the recommended sentencing guidelines which called for 46 to 57 months imprisonment. [Read more…]