Cyclist Floyd Landis Thinks Cyclists Should Use Steroids

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Floyd Landis Shared his thoughts on the state of doping in professional cycling recently with CyclingNews.com. The American cyclist thinks that it is easy to get away with doping for cyclists (even though he was caught using exogenous testosterone during the 2006 Tour de France). Landis believes doping is pervasive in the sport and that, for the most part, anti-doping agencies are light years behind the cyclists who dope. He recently told CyclingNews.com that the only solution is to legalize doping and approach the issue in a rational way.

“You got to go about it another way and you’ve got to legalise doping. They [the testers] are so far behind in the testing organisations that there’s no way to change it now. Just accept that it’s here, that it’s not going away and that it’s just going to get more complicated and the fact that it’s not that complicated yet compared to what it will be. Ten years from now it’s going to be four times as hard as it now to test for things.

Landis expressed a pessimistic view of efforts to clean up the sport, saying, “They’re not even remotely close to catching anybody; it’s just a joke. You can use as much EPO as you want and unless you’re an idiot you’re not going to get caught.

In other news today, Pat McQuaid, the president of the International Cycling Union (UCI), offered a somewhat different opinion on the state of doping in professional cycling, stating that he is “sure cycling is cleaner than it has ever been” and that it is the “cleanest of sports”. Yes, McQuaid really said that. Seriously.

Floyd Landis

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