Former NFL Cheerleader Arrested for Steroid Possession

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Samantha Baker, a former New England Patriot cheerleader in 2002, was arrested at her boyfriend’s house after police targeted Vincent Papagano as the alleged mastermind behind a high volume drug trafficking business involving marijuana, anabolic steroids, and other illicit drugs. Police seized 35 pounds of marijuana, large quantities of anabolic steroids and prescription drugs after a three-month investigation by the Braintree Police and the United States Postal Inspection Service.

Samantha Baker was arrested and charged with possession of oxycodone and possession of anabolic steroids according to local newspaper reports.

Also arrested was Samantha Baker, 33, of 5 Georgia Road, Weymouth, identified by police as Papagno’s girlfriend. She pleaded innocent to charges of conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substances Act, possession of oxycodone and possession of steroids.

The former cheerleader identifies herself as an EST Nutrition sponsored fitness athlete and model on her Twitter page. She won the figure division at the 2009 NPC New England Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure and has placed highly at recent national level contests.

She has pleaded innocent to all charges at her arraignment and has denied any involvement in illegal activity in a message posted to her blog:

For those of you who have heard certain personal circumstances that I am going through, what I can say about it is this…I have never nor will I ever involve myself with any illegal activity. It is not who I am as a person, not what I believe in and certainly not something I would involve the people I love with.

All I can say is that I will be okay, more than okay, things will turn out as they should and I am very, very positive for the outcome that will be reached. I will rise from this stronger and better than ever.

Samantha Baker - EST-sponsored figure athlete

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