Angry Christian Baseball Player Attacks Manny Ramirez Steroid Use

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Former Houston Astros’ baseball player Morgan Ensberg felt compelled to lash out at Manny Ramirez by calling him “stupid” as well as “a coward”, “a fake” and “a cheat” in a post on his personal blog. Ramirez recently retired rather than face a 100 game suspension after testing positive for banned performance-enhancing drugs. Ensberg, a self-proclaimed Christian, repeatedly talked about God in his self-righteous blog post entitled “Manny” as he detailed the angry emotions and feelings caused by Ramirez’s recent retirement.

Ensberg inexplicably wrote that he didn’t really say those un-Christian-like things about Manny Ramirez. Apparently, those were only raw emotions and feelings that Ensberg unknowingly typed.

How could you? You coward! You are a fake and a cheat and now you want to retire? No way! You get back out there and you take the pain. You stand in front of the cameras and tell us that you are a fake. Tell us that you only care about money. Look directly into the camera and tell us that you don’t give a crap about baseball and that this was always about money! Look into the camera and tell us that you are so stupid and entitled that you are willing to put anything in your body if you think it will help. You took OVULATION MEDICINE DUDE. You were such a fake, that you put medicine in your body that helps you produce eggs for reproduction. You should have eaten raisins. I hear they help you think.

Ensberg also took the opportunity to thank God for giving him “natural ability” to play professional baseball so that he did not have to be like Manny and use anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs to play in Major League Baseball.

Manny, your actions have reminded me how thankful I am that God blessed me with the natural ability to play in the Big Leagues.

Everyone knows that you can’t be a Christian if you use steroids. Steroid users are just trying to compensate for being overlooked when God decided who was worthy enough to be  given baseball talent and who was not.

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