Usain Bolt Falsely Linked to Steroid Dealer

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Ricky Simms, the manager for the “world’s fastest man” Usain Bolt, has vehemently denied internet rumors that have linked Bolt to an admitted steroid dealer. The rumor was given strength when Deadspin falsely linked Bolt to Angel “Memo” Heredia in a headline entitled “What Do Usain Bolt And Juan Manuel Marquez Have In Common? They Train With The Same Admitted Steroids Dealer.”

Heredia is also an admitted steroid dealer who provided anabolic steroids to athletes involved in the BALCO steroid scandal. He reportedly testified that he sold steroids and performance-enhancing drugs Olympic track coaches and athletes. He was allegedly guaranteed immunity from prosecution by the government in exchange for his testimony.

Heredia was publicly linked to welterweight boxer Juan Manuel Marquez in the second episode of “24/7: Pacquiao-Marquez”. Heredia was given credit for helping Marquez “bulk up” in order to compete in a heavier weight class against Manny Pacquiao.

Alex Ariza, Manny Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach, seized onto Heredia’s past steroid connections and implied Marquez may have used something suspicious in his efforts to bulk up. Ariza also made a jab at Usain Bolt’s recent increase in muscle size.

“Yeah he looks really good. My understanding is he has a good team,” Ariza told FightHype. “I guess (he’s working with) the same guys who work with Usain Bolt.”

Bolt had admitted to being “so much bigger” after lifting weights consistently this year.

“I have been in the gym a lot, my coach doesn’t like it when I bulk up too much so I was trying not to do too much but this is the first season I have actually been really consistent in the gym,” Bolt was quoted as saying on the Universal Sports website. “I think that is the reason I am so much bigger this season.”

Ariza’s comments were apparently the source for all of the rumors linking Heredia to Bolt.

Bolt’s manager dismissed the allegations as “completely false”.

“I have no idea why Usain’s name was brought up. Usain has no connection with any of these people,” said Simms. “Nobody from Team Bolt has any connection or knows any of these people.

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