Arab Royal Family Bodyguard Accused of Steroid Use

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Professional chauffeur Peter Robinson claims he was fired after he accused the bodyguard of a royal family member of using anabolic steroids. Robinson believed the royal family feared he would have reported the bodyguard’s steroid use to police thereby damaging the family’s reputation.

Robinson worked as a full-time chauffeur for Sheikh Zayed Bin Saeed Al Nehayen. The Sheikh lived in London while he attended the London School of Economics beginning in 2009. Sheikh Zayed’s uncle is the current president of the United Arab Emirates.

Robinson contacted the Central London Employment Tribunal and complained that he was wrongfully terminated.

Bodybuilder Safa Tattan, the bodyguard for Sheikh Zayed, was accused of steroid use by Robinson. Tattan had reportedly asked a staff member to purchase syringes. The syringes were used to inject anabolic steroids in preparation for a bodybuilding competition according to Robinson.

Safa Tattan from Syria was listed as competing in the 2010 NABBA World Championships. He placed fifth place in the “Masters Over 40” category.

“I remember saying that I hoped Safa was not intending on taking steroids around Zayed as they both attended the gym together,” Robinson told the tribunal. “If he were to influence him it would have dire consequences. My concern was the safety of my principal, Zayed.”

Robinson reported Tattan’s steroid use to Terri Pearson. Pearson was the personal assistant of Sheikh Zayed’s mother who had employed Robinson as a driver for her son.

Robinson also claimed Tattan made false allegations to Sheikh Zayed’s father in the United Arab Emirates. The tribunal was told  that Robinson was falsely accused of driving Sheikh Zayed to lcations in London that the family would disapporve of.

The chauffeur argued that his firing was the direct result of being a whistleblower who made in an issue of steroid use by someone close to the Sheikh.

 Safa Tattan

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