Pharmacist Suspended for Dispensing Steroids Per Doctor’s Prescription

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A pharmacist in Australia has been suspended after dispensing large quantities of anabolic steroids according to a local doctor’s orders. Simon Booy, a pharmacist employed at a Mermaid Beach medical center, dispensed 309 Sustanon, 168 Deca Durabolin 50, 54 Primoteston Depot and 20 Reandron 1000 ampoules to a single client over a 14-month period.

A review of prescribing and pharmacy records by the Queensland Health and the Pharmacy Board of Australia determined that the combinations and quantities of anabolic steroids prescribed were inconsistent with the accepted therapeutic uses of those drugs. The board determined the steroids were being prescribed for bodybuilding or muscle-building purposes.

Booy filled steroid prescriptions authorized by Dr Peter Grant. Booy recognized the quantity of steroids prescribed by Dr. Grant was unusual and alerted his employer. Both Booy and his employer attempted to address the suspicious prescribing pattern. Booy contacted and questioned the client’s prescribing doctor repeatedly regarding the use of steroids but continued to fill the prescriptions.

A judge determined that those steps were insufficient.

Judge Fleur Kingston, of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, had no sympathy for Booy.

“Mr Booy dispensed anabolic steroids in circumstances in which he knew he should not,” according to Judge Kingston. “At the time, he was a junior pharmacist who had a high level of responsibility and, it seems, he was not well equipped to discharge it.”

Booy received a deferred three-month suspension, ordered to attend an “ethical decision-making” class and 12-months of mentoring.

No information was provided on disciplinary action, if any, faced by Dr. Grant or Booy’s employer.

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