Roy “Big Country” Nelson is Most Steroid Tested MMA Athletes in the World

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Roy “Big Country” Nelson believes he may be have been tested more times for anabolic steroids than any other mixed martial artist (MMA) in the world. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight thinks he may be targeted for steroid testing because, of all the MMA athletes out there, his physical appearance most suggests that he has never taken any type of performance-enhancement drug.

Nelson suggests that anti-doping officials purposely single him out for steroid testing to help create the appearance that MMA is a steroid-free sport. While several MMA fighters “look” like they are using steroids, Nelson’s (waist) size and (lack of) muscularity practically guarantee he doesn’t use steroids.

“I’ve probably been tested for steroids probably more than any other fighter that’s ever fought,” Nelson told “MMA Fighting”. “It’s like a football program. There’s always going to be some guys where it’s like, yeah, you’re the one we’ve got to test, because then the program looks clean.”

Nelson is the first to acknowledge that, in spite of appearances, steroid use in the UFC is a big problem. He knows that he has fought against steroid users in the past. “Big Country” has his own method of uncovering steroid use in the sport.

He simply asks his opponents and/or members of their camp.

“You know by straight-out asking them. You can do it that way. Or you can go through their coaches or training partners. It’s a very small world.”

Sometimes, Nelson engages in a little trash talking to “trick” them into confessing steroid use.

“There’s some verbal combat involved,” he explained. “You have to trick them into coming clean, but it does happen.”

Nelson doesn’t seem to be bothered by the use of steroids in MMA. In fact, he seems to take gratification in the fact that his non-steroid-enhanced physique can compete against (at least some) enhanced fighters.

Roy "Big Country" Nelson

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