Junior College Baseball Player Busted Selling Steroids to Teammates

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A junior college baseball player was caught selling anabolic steroids after an investigation by Idaho State Police. William Robert “Billy Bob” Ward, a third baseball for the College of Southern Idaho Golden Eagles, was arrested and charged with three felony counts of delivery of a controlled substance (anabolic steroids).  Ward allegedly sold $2,900 worth of anabolic steroids to a confidential informant secretly working with the Idaho State Police.

Ward was busted after investigators enlisted the roommate of Golden Eagles teammate to make steroid purchases from the junior college baseball player. Ward allegedly sold steroids to the informant on three occasions between February and May 2012. Several news stories report that Ward sold steroids to his teammates as well.

Joel Bate, the athletic director for the College of Southern Idaho Golden Eagles, was shocked that an athlete in the two-year community college athletic program would use steroids or performance-enhancing drugs.  He didn’t previously believe Golden Eagle athletes used steroids.

“We’re obviously disappointed. We are embarrassed, but we are going to educate ourselves, and our staff,” said Bate. “To educated our teams, to set up testing now that this is a reality that we never thought was a reality.”

The use of anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs is prohibited at the College of Southern Idaho. However, there is no steroid testing program in place. CSI only conducts random monthly tests for recreational drugs.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has an anti-doping program administered by Missouri-based Drug Free Sport that screens athletes for various steroids. Each test costs a minimum of $75-100.

However, most community college athletic programs do not test for steroids due to budgetary constraints. They do not have the large budgets of the NCAA to afford such testing. Nonetheless, the Ward steroid investigation has put pressure upon officials at CSI to consider implementing some form of steroid testing now that they are faced with hard evidence of steroid use.



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