Bartolo Colon Suspended for Steroids and Linked to Steroid Dealer

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Bartolo Colon, currently a pitcher for the Oakland Athletics, was suspended after testing positive for the anabolic steroid testosterone. He was suspended for fifty games for violating the MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program steroid testing program. One sportswriter has suggested that Colon may have a long history of steroid use.

Lance Williams, in an article for California Watch, noted that Colon had employed a known steroid dealer as a personal trainer as far back as 2005. Williams was a former sportswriter for the San Francisco Chronicle; he is best known as the co-author of the 2006 book Game of Shadows. The book was largely responsible for launching the hysteria surrounding the so-called “steroid era” in baseball.

Williams cited a connection between Colon and Angel Presinal made in the 2007 Mitchell Report. While the Report documented links between several Major League Baseball players and their use of steroids and human growth hormone (hGH), Colon was not explicitly linked to steroids. His name was mentioned only as a passing reference in the Mitchell narrative of steroid use in baseball.

Williams also cited a 2005 Los Angeles Times story that provided more details on the arrangements between Colon and Presinal. Colon reportedly hired Presinal to help him on his way to winning the Cy Young Award in 2005.

Colon rented an apartment in California for Presinal. He also arranged for Presinal to travel with him during the season to supervise his workout program.

Colon was recognized as the American League’s best pitcher after winning a 21 games and leading the Angels to the AL Championships.

Colon was not linked to steroids during his career-best performance in 2005. But given his steroid suspension in 2012, Williams has suggested that steroid use may not be anything new for Colon. Is the implication fair or not?

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