ESPN’s Skip Bayless Accuses Derek Jeter of Using Steroids

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Skip Bayless believes that New York Yankees superstar Derek Jeter is using anabolic steroids or human growth hormone. Bayless’ comments were broadcasted on the ESPN2 talk show “First Take” in a debate with his co-host Stephen A. Smith last week. Making unsupported steroid accusations against athletes who perform well has unfortunately become a popular past-time for sports commentators.

Bayless used weaknesses in the Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program steroid testing program to support his suspicions about Jeter.

First, he referenced Victor Conte criticism of MLB’s testosterone:epitestosterone (T:E) ratio test as a screening tool for testosterone. (The T:E ratio test is easy to pass and should be replaced by the more definitive carbon isotope ratio (CIR) test according to Conte.)

Secondly, he pointed out the questionable efficacy of hGH testing procedures used by MLB.

“I would have to be sight- and hearing-impaired not to at least wonder, because there is no HGH test in the sport of baseball,” said Bayess. “They do not blood test; they do it one time in spring training for HGH, not again the rest of the year. How could I not wonder, ‘Is he using something?’”

Finally, Bayless wondered how any baseball player could avoid the temptation of using steroids or hGH given the relatively ease of avoiding detection. After all, Bayless admitted that he would consider using hGH if he were a professional baseball player.

“If you’re Derek Jeter, would you think about using hGH right now? asked Bayless. “Because I would. How would you not? Would you not think about it?”

Jeter responded by suggesting that Bayless should be tested for performance-enhancing drugs.

Of course, the lack of effective anti-doping control doesn’t instill confidence that baseball’s so-called “steroid era” ever really ended. Or that passing a steroid ant-doping test ever truly means that an athlete doesn’t use steroids. But at some point, the steroid witch-hunt must end.

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