Sports Agency Linked to Baseball Steroid Dealer

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Two major sports agents are under investigation after one of their clients tested positive for anabolic steroids. Melky Cabrera, a Major League Baseball player for the San Francisco Giants, was suspended for fifty games after testing positive for testosterone under the MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program steroid testing program. Cabrera brought unwanted attention to Sam and Seth Levinson, the sports agents who found ACES Inc., when he tried to blame his steroid positive on a fake supplement website that was set up by a “paid consultant” for ACES. ACES denied any involvement in the scheme but the damage was done; MLB and government agents began to scrutinize any links between the Levinson brothers and anabolic steroids.

Jeff Novitzky, the federal government´s top steroid investigator, is investigating the source of Cabrera´s steroids while Major League Baseball is investigating an old claim from the Mitchell Report involving the Levinson brothers and steroids. MLB wants to know if ACES hooked up All-Star catcher Paul Lo Duca with steroid distributor Kirk Radomski.

Radomski was the primary steroid dealer named in the Mitchell Report. He supplied numerous MLB players with steroids and human growth hormone. Radomski pleaded guilty to anabolic steroid distribution and money laundering. He avoided jail after cooperating with investigators and providing extensive information regarding the distribution of anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in baseball.

Radomski claimed that the Levinsons´ reimbursed him for anabolic steroids and PEDs provided for certain clients of ACES. In light of Cabrera´s scam and the murky connection to ACES, MLB is re-examining the claim.

The Mitchell Report investigation uncovered the fact that LoDuca used a joint checking account (that was shared with Samuel W. Levinson and ACES) to pay Radomski. USA Today obtained copies of three checks made out to Radomski. Each check was allegedly used as payment for two kits of hGH

Seth Levinson, via a statement from his defense attorney Howard M. Shapiro, vehemently denied any involvement with Radomski and the purchase of steroids and hGH.

“There is absolutely no truth to the allegation that either of us had any involvement in procuring performance-enhancing drugs for Melky Cabrera or any other baseball player,” said the statement. “Nor did we have knowledge that anyone else was doing so.”

MLB wants to know if Radomski was ever a “paid consultant” for ACES sports agency.


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