Steroid Manufacturer Sponsors Professional Golfer

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Slate Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of a subcutaneous pellet delivery system for the anabolic steroid testosterone, announced that it is sponsoring professional golfer Doug Barron. Barron is the only professional golfer to have been banned by the PGA Tour for violating its anti-doping policy.

Robert Whitehead, the CEO of Slate Pharmaceuticals, did not feel that the doping ban was justified; he defended Barron and professional athletes that use testosterone when prescribed by a physician to treat low testosterone levels.

Whitehead  had supported Doug Barron in his lawsuit against the PGA Tour. Barron sued the PGA Tour for labeling him as a cheater. Although the status of the lawsuit has not been publicly disclosed, the PGA subsequently decided to approve Barron’s therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for testosterone.

Whitehead explains the motivation behind his company’s groundbreaking sponsorship of a professional athlete in a company press release.

The reason that I spoke out on this matter at the time, and the reason we are taking this unusual step of sponsoring a professional athlete who has had such a label unjustly hanged upon him,” said CEO Whitehead, “is that by its ill-advised action the PGA Tour made an unfortunate contribution to medical ignorance and harmed efforts to improve men’s health.  There are many misconceptions about testosterone replacement therapy that have no scientific basis.  Perpetuating these misconceptions keeps men who might need treatment from seeking the medical care that they need.”

“Doug Barron’s only offense was being the innocent victim of other people’s ignorance,” said Whitehead.  “We look forward to this relationship with him.”

The terms of the sponsorship agreement between Slate Pharmaceuticals and Doug Barron were not disclosed. However, Barron has stated that he is committed to educating the public about hypogonadism, low testosterone and testosterone replacment therapy.

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