IFBB and NPC Bodybuilders Sentenced to Probation in Operation Roid Runner Steroid Probe

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An NPC bodybuilder and an IFBB professional bodybuilder have been sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to the delivery of anabolic steroids. Amateur bodybuilder Edward Moyzan and IFBB pro bodybuilder Brian Chamberlain were arrested after being implicated in a steroid investigation that was codenamed Operation Roid Runner.

Operation Roid Runner was launched by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office in 2007. Several amateur bodybuilders and the owners of the underground lab (UGL) called “Pro Lab” were also among the 10 people arrested during the first phase of Operation Roid Runner. However, the second phase of Operation Roid Runner especially targeted the competitive bodybuilding community and resulted in the arrest of Chamberlain, Moyzan and NPC promoter Craig Johnson.

Five of the six people arrested during the second phase of Operation Roid Runner have been sentenced to probation. Johnson is the only one of the six who has not pleaded guilty and been sentenced. The charges against Johnson appear much less serious than anyone else arrested in Operation Roid Runner. A court hearing in May is scheduled to resolve Johnson’s case.

Of those six, only one, Craig Johnson, still has an unresolved case. Johnson, a promoter for Lehigh Valley NPC who at one time was in charge of the bodybuilding competition at SportsFest, has a hearing scheduled for May.

All five other alleged steroid sellers charged in the second phase of the operation were also placed on probation, according to Lehigh County court records.

Edward Moyzan, 38, of Nazareth pleaded guilty in December to two counts of possession with intent to deliver steroids and a conspiracy charge and was fined $1,000 and placed on two years’ probation.

The following people pleaded guilty in January to delivery charges and were fined $500 and placed on two years’ probation: Brian Chamberlain, 36, of West Chester, Chester County; Frank Peters, 34, of Ambler, Montgomery County; and Angela Girondo, 50, of Ambler.

IFBB pro bodybuilder Brian Chamberlain

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