Major League Baseball Suspends Four Dominican Summer League Players for Steroids

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Major League Baseball has suspended four minor league players this month who were playing for their teams’ Dominican Summer League affiliates. Chicago Cubs pitcher Yomar Morel tested positive for the steroid boldenone (aka Equipoise) while his teammate pitcher Enyelberth Pena tested positive for nandrolone (aka Deca Durabolin). Houston Astros pitcher Manuel Sanchez and San Diego Padres pitcher Miguel Severino both tested positive for stanozolol (aka Winstrol). First-time steroid violations under the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program result in an automatic 50-game suspension.

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball announced Friday that Chicago Cubs’ Yomar Morel tested positive for Boldenone, and fellow right-hander Manuel Sanchez, of the Astros, tested positive for Stanozolol.

Last week, MLB suspended two other Dominican Summer Leaguers, Cubs right-hander Enyelberth Pena and Padres righty Miguel Severino. Pena also tested positive for Nandrolone; Severino was cited for Stanozolol.

Approximately 25 percent of Major League baseball players are from Latin America with a majority of those coming from the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic provides the greatest number of exports to the MLB of any other country outside the United States. The country is an incredible baseball powerhouse with a solid talent base that the MLB has been eager to tap. However, anabolic steroid use among Dominican prospects is a significant problem.

The Dominican Republic is a very impoverished country. Young athletes see a professional baseball contract as a means for them and their families to escape poverty. Anabolic steroids are considered an acceptable solution to increase their chances of signing a contract with MLB.

The four suspensions bring the total number of steroid suspensions to 40 in the minor league program. The major league program has not seen any steroid suspension this year.

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