Floyd Mayweather Allows His Trainer to Throw Steroid Accusations at Amir Khan

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. has become almost as well-known for his penchant for making steroid accusations against Manny Pacquiao as he is for his boxing prowess in the ring. Recently, he was asked about possible steroid use by boxer Amir Khan.

Floyd Mayweather didn’t think it was appropriate to for him to comment about whether or not Khan used anabolic steroids. Apparently, Mayweather has decided to allow his trainer and uncle Roger Mayweather be the point man for making unsubstantiated steroid accusations this time around.

“The only reason Amir Khan has become the fighter he is, is because he’s got those steroids in his ass too. The same thing Pacquiao’s got in him. I know because those mother******* told me,” Roger retorted.

Roger Mayweather claims to have learned directly from members of Team Pacquiao that Khan uses steroids. Amir Khan and Floyd Mayweather both have the same trainer, Freddie Roach, and also the same conditioner, Alex Ariza.

Roger Mayweather is not the first person to accuse Amir Khan of using performance-enhancing drugs. Khan was linked to the Victor Conte earlier this year. Many people became suspicious after the revelation that Khan’s nutrition and supplement programs were administered by one of the principal figures in the BALCO steroid scandal.  However, the suspicions may be unfair since Conte has worked with several athletes post-BALCO and all have survived the additional scrutiny.

Amir Khan

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