WWE Wrestler “Sin Cara” Tests Positive for Anabolic Steroids

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Professional wrestler Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under the name “Sin Cara”, received a thirty day suspension after violating the WWE Talent Wellness Policy in June 2010. Urive was the first recruit by Paul “Triple H” Levesque as the head of the new talent development department.

Urive had only been with the WWE for a few months before he tested positive for anabolic steroids. Urive previously worked for several years in Mexico’s “lucha libre” under the name “Mistico” where he gained considerable fame and popularity working for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL).

Sin Cara granted an interview to the Mexican wrestling website “Records Luchas” after his suspension was made public. He gave several explanations for his positive steroid test. First, Urive claimed his physique was not big enough to be the result of anabolic steroids.

“I know I’m not a drug addict, much less putting stuff in my body. I don’t know what could’ve happen. Apparently it was the medication. We’re going to wait to see what happens, because I don’t have a big body to be using steroids. If it had been for drugs, they would have fired me.”

Secondly, if he did test positive for steroids, he claims it must have been due to cortisone injections for his knee that caused a false positive for steroids.

“What happened is I had a pain in my knee and they injected something into me. That’s what must have tested positive. Supposedly it was a steroid. A lot of medications have something them that make the testing come out positive.”

“These are injections we normally use in Mexico. The pain has been in my knee and it’s the same knee that’s been giving me problems. That’s what made it positive. In Mexico I was told if they did a thorough testing it would test positive, but it’s nothing else bad.”

Luis “Sin Cara” Urive’s future in World Wrestling Entertainment is currently a subject of debate. The mere use of anabolic steroids and the token thirty-day suspension are not likely sufficient to end his career at WWE. However, it may be a convenient excuse to terminate his contract given concerns about his lack of progress in the WWE development program unless “Triple H” continues to stand behind Sin Cara.


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