Alabama Doctor Indicted for Selling Anabolic Steroids from an Underground Lab

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Alabama doctor Mark Peter Koch, D.O. pleaded not guilty to possession with intent to distribute anabolic steroids and conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids. Koch was indicted on federal charges along with three other men. Koch appears to be the connection between the three men. He apparently bought the steroids from one co-defendant and shared them with the other two co-defendants.

The steroid bust involved EQ-250, DECA-250, Primobolan Depot and Testosterone Cypionate manufactured by the undergroud lab (UGL) identified as “Roper’s Lab” from Memphis, Tennessee.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) targeted Dr. Koch through the use of a “confidential human source”. FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Young identifies the confidential source as a female. An attorney for one Dr. Koch’s co-defendants told the Alabama Press-Register that Koch’s estranged wife will be a “key prosecution witness”.

Dr. Koch was identified as a physician practicing medicine in Camden and Monroeville, Alabama who bought, sold and used anabolic steroids according to Special Agent Young’s affidavit. The criminal complaint reveals that the FBI conducted extensive audio and video surveillance on the four co-defendants involved in the distribution of Roper’s Lab steroids. A undercover video allegedly shows Dr. Koch injecting himself with steroids.



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