All Blacks Rugby Players Used Steroids Says Jack Ralston

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Jack Ralston, the former head of sales and marketing for the New Zealand Rugby Union, has claimed that at least two rugby players for the All Blacks had used anabolic steroids during the 1990s. “All Blacks” is the name used to refer to the New Zealand national rugby team.

Ralston makes the steroid comments in his soon-to-be-published autobiography entitled “The Sports Insider: A Life Among Champions.”

“People might be stunned by this but I know at least two All Blacks in the 1990s who responded to demands that they bulk up by taking steroids,” wrote Ralston.

Ralston refused to identify the players that allegedly admitted their steroid use to him. It is believed that the players were employed with the All Blacks during the period when Ralston worked for the Rugby Union between 1997 and 1999.

Ralston gave one clue to the identity of the steroid users. The player were some of the smaller members of the team who were under pressure to bulk up.

The allegations have stirred up considerable controversy in New Zealand where rugby is regarded as the country’s national sport. Ralston’s secrecy regarding the identity of the accused has cast a cloud of suspicion on several former All Blacks players.

Former All Blacks players and coaches have responded harshly to Ralston’s allegations. Everyone has claimed to be oblivious to presence of steroids .

Former All Blacks doctor John Mayhew claims to be be completely unaware of steroid use in the 1990s.

Former All Blacks hardman Craig Dowd denied seeing any evidence that his teammates were using steroids and warned Ralston to stay clear of him in the future.

Former All Blacks coach John Hart didn’t believe steroids were used by the All Blacks.

“I never saw it on my watch. It would surprise me greatly,” said Hart. “It’s very easy to make those comments. From my knowledge, [there was] none at all.”

Former All Blacks captain Taine Randell believed it was “gutless” not to name names.

“I know Jack. He is a good man,” admitted Randell. “But for him to come out with those comments and not name names is gutless. He has cast aspersion on a lot of people and I can say that during my time with the team I saw none of that.”

Ralston responded by saying that Randell was not one of the players he was referring to in his book.  Randell was too muscular to have used steroids.

“It was the smaller guys who needed to put on muscle and bulk who were under pressure and for rugby to think this did not go on is silly.They have their he ads buried in the soil.”

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