Bodybuilder Goes Free Because He Was Hard-Working and Industrious Steroid Dealer

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Polish bodybuilder Mariusz Bak pleaded guilty to the possession of class C anabolic steroids with intent to supply and the importation of steroids. During sentencing, a British judge decided to allow Bak to go free after concluding that Bak was “hard working and industrious” and did not fully understand the potential harm of selling steroids.

Omagh Crown Court Judge Geoffrey Miller QC sentenced Bak to two years in jail but suspended the sentence for three years.

Judge Miller was impressed by the “well planned and well organised” underground lab (UGL) that Bak had set up for the production of anabolic steroids. The competitive bodybuilder had acquired an industrial pill press capable of  producing thousands of tablets per day. He had ordered empty 1,086 glass vials. He had already solicited customers orders which were found on his computer and mobile phone. And he had attempted to import at least 1.72 kilograms of raw steroid powders from China.

Police believed that Bak was “about to embark on moving his production to a higher level, to a commercial scale”.

What kind of judge would want to punish that type of sheer industriousness?

The only snag in Bak’s plan occurred when the United Kingdom Border Agency intercepted shipments of raw powder destined for Bak’s home address between January 2010 and January 2011.

The estimated street value of the finished steroid product was placed at £42,000.

Malcolm Bragg, the assistant director for the UK Border Agency Criminal and Financial Investigation, appeared satisfied with the fact that Bak avoided jail. Bragg believed the strong sentence – of no jail time – would be a strong deterrent to any other individuals thinking about starting their own UGL label in the United Kingdom.

“This sentence reflects the severity of this crime. It sends out a message that we are serious about tackling those responsible for bringing illegal drugs into Britain,” according to Bragg.

Anyone arrested for selling steroids in Great Britain should do everything possible to appear before Judge Miller!

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