Australian Teen Sells Steroids to Become More Popular

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A 20-year old Australian man was an “unfashionable, nerdy” teenager when he began selling anabolic steroids. But Jory Humphreys only starting trafficking steroids to gain popularity according to his attorney. This was the defense presented to Justice Peter Applegarth during sentencing. And it worked.

Humphreys reportedly lacked self-confidence after a history of being bullied as a child. Defense barrister Angus Edwards told the Brisbane Supreme Court that his client’s foray into the world of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) began with an initial goal of improving his physical appearance through bodybuilding. As Humphreys “buffed up”, he found new friends in the gym culture who share his bodybuilding goals. He found that he became more popular among his “friends” when he began to sell them steroids.

“Selling steroids, he became popular,” said Edward. “He now understands this was an illusion of popularity … rather than true friendship.”

Humphreys had wanted to be a policeman as a child. But he kind of went the other directed when he started selling “party drugs” like ecstasy after being seduced by the “glamour” of the “glitter strip lifestyle” of the Gold Coast party scene. He was eventually busted when police drug-sniffing dogs detected a bag of white powder that Humphreys attempted to discard in the Broachbeach nightclub district in September 2010.

An investigation into his drug-dealing activities revealed that Humphreys had made 30 steroid-related transactions involving 26 clients in the 14 months prior to his arrest. According to police, he sold 100 milliliters of injectable steroids for $5000. This would amount to $500 for a typical 10-milliter vial of steroids.

Justice Applegarth sentenced Humphreys to three years in prison but immediately released him on parole. The judge’s decision was welcomed by Humphreys and his family and friends who had feared the worst. The arrest represented Humphreys second steroid-related offense. He was previously busted by Australian Customs while attempting to import steroids by mail.

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